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  The snow drops are long gone, and now  we welcome some wonderfully mild sunny days which have brought on the daffodils and tulips really early. The garden is truly looking so colourful with the vibrant yellows from the daffodils and kerria japonica, the bright blues from the hyacinths and muscari; and now the appearance of reds and pinks from the tulips.........a true delight to gladden hearts for the celebration   Easter......and a beautiful backdrop for a Spring wedding
As weeding progresses, a resident robin follows me about in the hope of a juicy worm, and much to my surprise
a cock pheasant strolled through the garden last week.


 April 2016

Sadly, we've had to cut down the Cotoneaster tree which is just visible in the top left hand corner of the first photograph. This was because the roots of the tree were causing damage to the wall behind it. Once the wall is repaired, we will consider what to plant there, as it now looks very bare.
On a brighter note, the garden is looking wonderful just now, as seen above.