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Former ordinand moves to Airdrie

posted 17 Oct 2017, 05:07 by Dean Fostekew

On Tuesday 31st October at 7pm the Rev'd PJ O'Maoil Mhenna is to be inducted as Rector of St.Paul & St.John the Evangelist Airdrie. PJ served a summer placement at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Murrayfield four years ago and it is good to welcome him back to Scotland and the Scottish Episcopal Church following his curacy in Paulsgrove Portsmouth.
PJ invites all who wish to attend his service of induction to join him in Airdrie. Please pray for PJ in his new job.

Ordinand now ordained

posted 2 Oct 2017, 05:47 by Dean Fostekew

Yesterday evening a small group of us from the Church of the Good Shepherd, travelled from Murrayfield to Glasgow to see our former ordinand Jonathan Livingstone ordained as a deacon. It was a beautiful service at St.Mary's Episcopal Cathedral and we were all very proud of Jonathan as he made his vows and entered into the ordained life. The whole congregation wishes Jonathan well and will keep him in their prayers as he begins his curacy at Uddingston and Hamilton. 

Almighty and everliving God, by whose Spirit the while body of your faithful people is governed and sanctified: hear our prayer which we offer for all members of your holy Church; that in their vocation and ministry they may serve you in holiness and truth to the glory of your Name; through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

Harvest Thanksgiving

posted 25 Sep 2017, 03:55 by Dean Fostekew

Yesterday's Harvest Thanksgiving service was glorious. The choir and additional friends sung beautifully and with great gusto, the church was beautifully decorated and the liturgy gracefully led by by the Rev'd Hilary Naish with myself preaching. Harvest is a time to give thanks to God for the gifts we are given but also a time to stop and think about where our harvest comes from and who benefits the most from other people's labour. I hope my sermon did that part of which is below:

"Without produce from around the globe and the skills and labour of people from different countries and cultures our diets would be ‘same-y’ and boring and although harvests occur at different times in different places it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that at least once a year we stop, reflect and give thanks to God for all that the many harvest of the world give to us. And in that stopping and giving thanks we also need to remember give thanks for those who grew and produced the harvest for us in the first place and to work out if we have exploited them in any way. Did I pay a far price for what I ate? Did the farmer get well paid for her efforts?" 

Harvest is something we need to be thankful for and we need to pray that we never exploit those who enable that harvest to happen.


posted 18 Sep 2017, 01:38 by Dean Fostekew

Next Sunday at the Church of the Good Shepherd we will be keeping our annual Harvest Thanksgiving. A time for all of us to reflect on the good things that God gives us and to remember those for whom there will be no harvest this year. Any gifts of tins and packets will be given to Emmaus House and there will be a retiring collection for the work of the Stellar Vineyard Foundation in South Africa who make the Fair Trade wine we use at Communion. The Foundation seeks to ensure that workers and their families get a fair deal out of life and a good education.

Come and help us celebrate at 10am Next Sunday the 24th September.


posted 11 Sep 2017, 00:17 by Dean Fostekew

Yesterday, members of the three congregations in Murrayfield came together for worship at the Parish Church. The theme of the day was 'Creation' and our inter-action with the Creator God. The preacher was Prof. Brian Stanley from New College who reminded us how important it is for Christians to pray regularly for our planet and our place within God's eco-system. Thinking of the hurricane devastation in the Caribbean his words and yesterday's theme were very apt. We live on a changing planet and unless we can really take cognisance of that fact our planet may change beyond our recognition or ability to live on it. Sobering thoughts and very much a call to pray and action.

A good end to the Summer

posted 4 Sep 2017, 05:43 by Dean Fostekew

Yesterday afternoon in the garden and hall of the Church of the Good Shepherd, we hosted a fund-raising Afternoon Tea for the Murrayfield Churches Together overseas charity of Ecudare. We welcomed many different people from the three churches in MCT and people from our local community and neighbouring churches as well. It was a thoroughly enjoyable event and dry and warm enough for three tables of folk to sit outside.

Yesterday also saw the end of the 'Garden of Contemplation' for this year. It will return at the end of July 2018 but keep an eye on the garden as you never know what might 'pop up' in the meantime. The garden is open 24/7 as is the Porch Chapel, a little place of prayer that is open when the doors of the main church have to be locked. you are always welcome to come in and pray or leave a prayer request for us to pray on your behalf.

Next Sunday at 1030am the three Churches in Murrayfield Churches Together will meet at the Parish Church to share worship and to listen to Prof Brian Stanley preach to us on Creationtide. We hope to see you there.  

The Chapel that's always open

posted 21 Aug 2017, 06:41 by Dean Fostekew

Even if the main church building is closed our Chapel in the porch is always open for prayer, meditation and prayer requests. It's a lovely quiet space with comfy benches to sit on and its out of the wind and rain. The door is never locked so why not pop in anytime of the day when you need a place just to be with God or to escape the hustle and bustle of the world. 

Festival Garden

posted 14 Aug 2017, 02:01 by Dean Fostekew

It is good to see visitors in the Garden of Contemplation over the past couple of weeks. If you have yet to visit you will find a series of prayer stations around the whole garden (don't miss the bins) offering refections on life and faith. These come from a variety of sources and relate bot to the flowers in the garden and our journey through life.

The Good Shepherd Garden is open 24/7 as is the Porch Chapel and can be found on Murrayfield Avenue. EH12 6AU the 12, 26, 31 Lothian Buses will take you to Roseburn Gardens which is at the foot of Murrayfield Avenue.

Come and visit us. 

Need to pray and the church isn't open?

posted 7 Aug 2017, 01:07 by Dean Fostekew

Did you know that the porch of the Church of the Good Shepherd is open for prayer 24/7? It is a well used space with an opportunity to leave prayer requests, that will be prayed at our services. If you are walking up Murrayfield Avenue why not pop into the garden and wander round the prayers stations and then spend a little time in silent contemplation in the porch chapel. Need to pray? Then the chapel is always open.

Prayers in the Garden

posted 31 Jul 2017, 04:21 by Dean Fostekew

The garden of the church is now host to the Garden of Contemplation. Throughout the garden you will find prayer stations, with thoughts and reflections to help you pray and ponder on the mystery that is God. The garden is open 24/7 for you to visit and enjoy the oasis of peace in the city that it offers. The porch chapel is also open 24/7 and is a sacred space in which you can sit and pray or just be with God.

You will find us on Murrayfield Avenue EH12 6AU

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