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The Chapel that's always open

posted 21 Aug 2017, 06:41 by Dean Fostekew

Even if the main church building is closed our Chapel in the porch is always open for prayer, meditation and prayer requests. It's a lovely quiet space with comfy benches to sit on and its out of the wind and rain. The door is never locked so why not pop in anytime of the day when you need a place just to be with God or to escape the hustle and bustle of the world. 

Festival Garden

posted 14 Aug 2017, 02:01 by Dean Fostekew

It is good to see visitors in the Garden of Contemplation over the past couple of weeks. If you have yet to visit you will find a series of prayer stations around the whole garden (don't miss the bins) offering refections on life and faith. These come from a variety of sources and relate bot to the flowers in the garden and our journey through life.

The Good Shepherd Garden is open 24/7 as is the Porch Chapel and can be found on Murrayfield Avenue. EH12 6AU the 12, 26, 31 Lothian Buses will take you to Roseburn Gardens which is at the foot of Murrayfield Avenue.

Come and visit us. 

Need to pray and the church isn't open?

posted 7 Aug 2017, 01:07 by Dean Fostekew

Did you know that the porch of the Church of the Good Shepherd is open for prayer 24/7? It is a well used space with an opportunity to leave prayer requests, that will be prayed at our services. If you are walking up Murrayfield Avenue why not pop into the garden and wander round the prayers stations and then spend a little time in silent contemplation in the porch chapel. Need to pray? Then the chapel is always open.

Prayers in the Garden

posted 31 Jul 2017, 04:21 by Dean Fostekew

The garden of the church is now host to the Garden of Contemplation. Throughout the garden you will find prayer stations, with thoughts and reflections to help you pray and ponder on the mystery that is God. The garden is open 24/7 for you to visit and enjoy the oasis of peace in the city that it offers. The porch chapel is also open 24/7 and is a sacred space in which you can sit and pray or just be with God.

You will find us on Murrayfield Avenue EH12 6AU

A special Sunday coming up!

posted 27 Jul 2017, 00:03 by Dean Fostekew

This Sunday (30th) sees the Bishop of Edinburgh visit us in Murrayfield. He is coming to help us say thank you and 'au revoir' to our Director of Music and Organist, Dr. Patricia Warren. Pat has held that post for the last 35 years and is now stepping down. We at the Church of the Good Shepherd are grateful to Pat for all that she has done in helping us to make music and for developing what we do musically as a congregation.

At the service the Bishop will present Pat with the St.Cuthbert Award for service to the Church. He is also to present the award to Patricia Gordon for her long-term service to the church in this congregation, the Diocese, Province and the Mothers' Union. Two well deserved awards to two very dedicated individuals.

Our service on Sunday starts at 10am and will include music much loved by Pat Warren. The service is to be followed by coffee and home-made cake. All Welcome. 

Well it didn't rain - until afterwards

posted 18 Jul 2017, 00:49 by Dean Fostekew

Thankfully the rain held off until after the concert at our Summer Fruits Event last Thursday. What a relief that was, as we were able to enjoy fizz and nibbles on the lawn for about an hour. Following the concert a hardy few braved the rain to remain under the marquee for refreshments while the other 70 or so gathered in the hall for a super coffee and cake event. The evening raised over £1800 which will be spilt between Music in Hospitals and the Organ fund at the Good Shepherd. Thank you to all who came along, all who supported the event by their donations and to the 2017 team for organising it all.

Rain, rain go away

posted 11 Jul 2017, 05:10 by Dean Fostekew

With the annual Summer Fruits festival almost upon us the congregation at the Church of the Good Shepherd are praying for a dry evening, and even better a dry evening with some sunshine. Tickets for the event have sold well and we are full for the coffee and cake following the concert but still feel free to come along for 'Fizz on the lawn' and the concert, as all are welcome. See you there.


posted 2 Jul 2017, 05:44 by Dean Fostekew

Our annual Garden Fete and concert takes place this year on Thursday 13th July beginning at 6pm with fizz on the lawn. The music is provided by 'Music in hospitals' and all monies raised will be spilt between that charity and the Good Shepherd Organ fund.

All are welcome to come along and join just but entry to the tae and cakes following in the hall is by ticket due to limited numbers available. 

A busy time of prayer and thank yous

posted 26 Jun 2017, 02:19 by Dean Fostekew

Some of us in the congregation of the Good Shepherd, Murrayfield are just back from five days on the Isle of Cumbrae. We have been on retreat and holiday based at the Cathedral of the Isles, which has a very excellent Bed and Breakfast College attached - look it up and go and stay. Cumbrae is a very special island and it has grown in the affections of members of the church over the past few years that we have been visiting. The Rev'd Rosie Addis our assistant priest led the retreat basing it on the Lord's Prayer - and we certainly had a wonderful time exploring what those familiar words mean.

Returning for the weekend back home, we celebrated the Choir Valedictory with glorious music well sung and wonderfully played. It was good to be able to thank the choir for all they do over the year and to begin the thank yous for our retiring Director of Music Dr Patricia Warren, who leaves us at the end of July after 35 years. 

Quite a busy week all in all especially for those rehearsing and retreating.

General Synod 2017 and the Canon on Marriage

posted 10 Jun 2017, 08:10 by Dean Fostekew

At its General Synod meeting (Governing body) this week, the Scottish Episcopal Church voted on many agenda items of relevance to the life of the Province and our denomination within Scotland. For many the most significant vote was on the amendment of Canon XXXI on Marriage.

Following a long process of preparation and widespread discussions and conversations over many years that tried to encompass the breadth of views held throughout our Church the members of the General Synod voted in favour of the proposed amendment to the Canon. Thus allowing couples in a committed relationship to marry in church regardless of their gender. For some this was an act that brought great rejoicing, for others deep pain and hurt. The vote was taken in the three houses of Synod with Bishops voting 80% in Favour, Clergy 67.7% in favour and the laity 80.6% in favour. Overall that was a 75% of General Synod in favour. The vote was taken by secret ballot and in silence following a period of prayer for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The result once given was received in silent prayer. It was a respectful and dignified debate and process.

Our denomination now formally acknowledges that within its body there are differing understandings of the nature of marriage and allows those with differing views to hold their views with integrity and respect. It gives those who may not be happy with same sex marriage a conscience clause that does not force them to do anything against their will and those who would wish to celebrate such unions the option to be licensed by their bishop and the Registrar General to do so:

“In the light of the fact that there are differing understandings of the nature of marriage in this Church, no cleric of this Church shall be obliged to conduct any marriage against their conscience. Any marriage which is to be conducted by a cleric shall be solemnised strictly in accordance with the civil law of Scotland for the time being in force and provided said cleric is satisfied, after appropriate enquiries, that the parties have complied with the necessary preliminaries as set forth in the civil law……  No cleric shall solemnise a marriage between persons of the same sex unless the said cleric shall have been nominated on behalf of the Church to the Registrar General for Scotland.” Paragraph 1 Canon XXXI

This is a significant change in our Church and a change that tries to say that we are an inclusively diverse’ church. A church that respects the beliefs and values of each other and will agree to disagree, despite the challenges this may bring. There will be guidelines for good practice coming from the General Synod and the College of Bishops in the very near future as to how those clergy that wish to be licensed to perform same sex marriages can be proposed to the Registrar General and how members of congregations who may hold differing views will have their views respected and affirmed.

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