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Royal Air Force Association Annual Service

posted by Dean Fostekew

This Sunday (30th April) sees the members of RAFA join with the Good Shepherd, Murrayfield congregation for their annual service. This year they will be joined by members of the RAF Cadet band and local ATC members as well. This is always an uplifting and enjoyable service when we remember all who served in the RAF and all who currently serve in the armed forces. All Welcome.

10am Sung Eucharist for the Edinburgh, Lothians & Borders RAFA

Services in HOLY WEEK

posted 8 Apr 2017, 06:41 by Dean Fostekew

Palm Sunday (9th) 10am Palm Gospel, procession & Passion Eucharist beginning in the hall.
Holy Monday 7pm service at Saughtonhall United Reformed Church
Holy Tuesday 7pm Stations of the Cross in the garden
Holy Wednesday 10am Holy Communion
                             7pm Service at the Parish Church
Maundy Thursday 1130am Chrism Mass (in the Cathedral)
                               7pm Eucharist of the last Supper
Good Friday 2pm Liturgy of the Cross
Holy Saturday 10am decorating the Church for Easter 
Easter Day 8.15am Dawn service on Coltbridge Bridge (Roseburn high street)
                   10am Festal Sung Eucharist 

Passion Sunday

posted 1 Apr 2017, 09:35 by Dean Fostekew

Tomorrow, the 2nd April, sees the beginning of the Passion-tide season and is the Sunday that sets the way to Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem On Palm Sunday (next week) and his eventual passion and death on the cross in Holy Week. As the Good Shepherd congregation we will, tomorrow, use the Psalms of Ascent (120-134) which would have been sung and said by Jesus as he entered into Jerusalem two thousand years ago. The Psalms of Ascent were traditionally used by the Jews as a joyful song of praise as they made their way to the temple in the Holy City. We will join with them and begin our service at the foot of the hill into the church and then make our way into the church and back out again at the end of the Eucharist as an act of witness to Christ and his final earthly days.

Come and join us at 10am.


posted 25 Mar 2017, 07:24 by Dean Fostekew

Tomorrow being the fourth Sunday in Lent is Mothering Sunday. Although, nowadays, it is the day we associate with thanking those who have been a mother to us the festival originally began as a thanksgiving for 'Holy Mother Church'. At the service tomorrow at 10am everyone present at the Good Shepherd will be given flowers as a symbol of Christian love between all members of the church. Flowers will also be taken to the two nursing homes in the afternoon when the Rector conducts their monthly evensong services. 

Mothering Sunday is a joyful celebration for many but please remember those for whom tomorrow is a painful day.

God our Father,
we ask you to bless all who live alone,
those who have lost their partner,
those who have never married,
those whose families are grown up and away from home
and those who have outlived other members of their families
and many of their friends:
Be with them to assure them of your love
and of their value to you every moment of their lives,
and enable them to rejoice in the fellowship of your Church
on earth and in heaven;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

(from the Mothers' Union)

Earth Hour 8.30pm Saturday 25th March

posted 13 Mar 2017, 04:02 by Dean Fostekew

Members of the three churches in Murrayfield Churches Together met last night in Saughtonhall URC to battle each other in the annual Christian Aid Quiz. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and the friendly rivalry great fun. Teams from the Church of the Good Shepherd did well, although sadly we didn't win.

On Saturday 25th March at 8 for 8.30pm we will be meeting again to mark Earth Hour - the hour in the year when we turn the lights off to raise awareness of the ecological plight of the planet. We will once again meet at Saughtonhall URC for an hour of prayer, chat, fun and refreshments by candle light. Come along and join us for everyone is welcome.

Diocesan Synod and the Canon On Marriage

posted 7 Mar 2017, 08:09 by Dean Fostekew

This Saturday will see the Clergy and Lay representative of the Church of the Good Shepherd attending the Spring Diocesan Synod. At this meeting we will discuss and debate Canon 31 on Marriage to try and discern the will of God in how that Canon is interpreted in light of Equal Marriage in Scotland. There will arguments for and against allowing same sex couples to marry to church and the decision of the Diocesan Synod will be taken to the Provincial General synod in June for the final vote on the amended Canon. Please pray for all of us involved in Diocesan Synod at this important time and for good management of the outcomes of any vote. 

Coming up next - ASH WEDNESDAY & World Day of Prayer

posted 25 Feb 2017, 04:31 by Dean Fostekew

This coming Wednesday sees the start of 40 days of Lent. Ash Wednesday is the day when we stop and turn our hearts and minds to reflect upon our failings and to ask God for forgiveness and as a sign of our penitence are marked with a cross of ashes on the forehead.

Services at the Good Shepherd will be at 10am and 7pm.

The World Day of Prayer this year is hosted by the Good Shepherd at 2pm with the service used being put tougher by women in the Philippines.  All are welcome 


posted 19 Feb 2017, 07:23 by Dean Fostekew

This morning's sermon slot took the form of a congregation think on Ecological issues and what we as individuals and as a congregation can do to help ourselves become better stewards of God's creation. This mornings readings reminded us that in the covenant with God, we are called be be good stewards of the earth. St.Paul reminded us that a steward is above all to be trustworthy and St.Matthew sang the praises of God's creation in its beauty and abundance. Unless we the current stewards of the earth are not careful there will be no creation to hand on to future generations. Every little thing we do to recycle or use less has an impact, often beyond our comprehension. The Congregation of the Church of the Good Shepherd is now committed, alongside our ecumenical partners, to becoming a fully fledged Eco-Congregation and doing all that we possibly can to reduce our use and increase our recycling and in doing so we hope to become better stewards of the creation we are left to caretake on God's behalf.

The Murrayfield Club is looking for Trustees

posted 6 Feb 2017, 03:41 by Dean Fostekew

The Murrayfield Dementia Project which is run ecumenically by Murrayfield Churches Together for those in our local community who are over 65 and living with dementia or who have become socially isolated due to illness or infirmity is seeking to appoint new trustees with human resources experience to the governing board. To find out more about the Club see www.mct.org.uk and look under 'The Murrayfield Club' and to contact the Rector use the 'Contact us' on this website.

February blues

posted 1 Feb 2017, 07:59 by Dean Fostekew

Candlemas is the 2nd February and the official end to Christmastide. Forty days have passed since the celebrations on the 25th December. Quite where those days have gone I am not sure and the fact that we are already into the second month of the year amazes me. Time certainly flies.

This year we have a month before we begin Lent, which is  much better than last year when it seemed it was just a few days. It means that Easter is quite late. Personally, I like a late Easter in April as for me the spring flowers point to new life and the coming warmer months. First, though, we have to get through February. I don't know what it is about February but it can be a depressing month and the winter could hit us hard still. One pleasing thing that does help lift the blues is the fact that the days are getting noticeably longer and not having to light up just after 3pm is a joy.

We also have the regular round of worship at the Good Shepherd which seeks to lift one's spirit and to restore one's soul and the fact that we have four Sundays before the purple feels good and a suitable reason to celebrate.

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