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posted 3 Jun 2014, 01:29 by Dean Fostekew
We are in that waiting time. Jesus has ascended to his Father and those of us left behind now await the coming of the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is an exciting time as one never knows how or where the Spirit will blow. The Holy Spirit cannot be controlled by humankind, it blows as it wishes but we are not always very good at accepting where it blows. When we pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit we have to be open to the fact that the Holy Spirit may choose to do something we are not expecting. We have to be open to surprise.

On Sunday 8th June at 10am we at the Good Shepherd, Murrayfield will celebrate Pentecost and ask the Holy Spirit to come among us and guide us into the future. Where will it take us? What new learning will we discover? What differences will it make in our lives, in the life of the congregation and in the life of our community? An exciting time as I said earlier.