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Diocesan Synod - plan for life and see where it goes!

posted 1 Nov 2013, 10:25 by Dean Fostekew   [ updated 9 Nov 2013, 01:58 ]
At last night's Synod meeting in Galashiels the Bishop reminded us that back in the 1970's the then leaders believed that the Scottish Episcopal Church would be extinct by the year 2000. God obviously had other plans and Bishop John encouraged us to plan for life and to see where God would take us.

The whole of the Synod was spent planning for life and how we can become more mission minded than we already are. As a commitment to this call to life the Synod agreed to a 5% increase in Quota. This will affect all congregations with some of us paying above the average as well as our incomes go up. Quota is a sort of tithe we pay to the Diocese and the Diocese to the Province to enable the Church to fund its call to mission and ministry. Paying Quota is hard going, when you still have to pay all your other bills.  Paying the increased Quota at the Good Shepherd will be tough but hopefully the blessings received in the Murrayfield bit of God's Kingdom will be worth the effort.