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posted 14 Apr 2012, 05:42 by Dean Fostekew
What a great day Easter Sunday was; the rain held off for the Ecumenical service along the Water of Leith at 8.25am. more people attended than we had hoped for which made the event all the better. It was incredibly moving to share the first service of Easter Day with brothers and sisters from different denominations. The 10am service at the Good Shepherd was wonderful, so many people worked hard to make the whole event run smoothly. the church was beautifully decorated - thank you 'flower fairies', the gardens immaculate - thank you 'wood nymphs' and the warmth of fellowship bound us all in happiness. to top it all we we celebrated a 40th wedding Anniversary and and 80th birthday. it is always good to see the church full of people but even better when they are all smiling.