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End of WWII

posted 17 Aug 2015, 03:53 by Dean Fostekew
I was moved by the commemorations over this past weekend marking 70 years since VJ Day and glad to see that particular day remembered. The war in the far east was often called the forgotten war and for many that might have been the case but not for those who were held captive in POW camps or who fought in the campaign. One of my family members was a POW and returned home to his family a broken and damaged man.  May these men and their families and everyone who got caught up in the conflict in the far east never be forgotten.



Cpl. Arthur E. Ogden and Victor Merrett 

And we that are left grow old with the years

Remembering the heartache, the pain and the tears

Hoping and praying that never again

Man will sink to such sorrow and shame

The price that was paid we will always remember

Every day, every month, not just in November.

We Shall Remember Them