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Fair trade and Christian Aid

posted 24 Feb 2014, 07:43 by Dean Fostekew
Yesterday, our servcie had a fair trade theme and Dean's sermon focused on the fair banana, which was surprising as he can't abide bananas. It is however sobering to note that as production costs go up to farm the banana so supermarket prices go down and the amount the farmer in the developing world receives decreases. For pour cheap food someone has to pay and it us usually the poorest in the food production chain. This is why fair trade exists to try and give farmers a fair price for their produce. The service was followed by a Fair Trade Coffee Morning with all products being used coming from the fair trade ranges available locally. the baking was excellent and prizes were given to the novice baker and the person who used the most fair trade ingredients in a bake. Fair trade products do no mean poor quality or taste - quite the opposite in fact.

Yesterday evening the fair trade events were followed by a Murrayfield Churches Together Christian Aid quiz a fun event that raised over £700. Money that will be well spent supporting some of the most deprived peoples on the globe as they endeavour to improve their lives themselves.