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Father's Day

posted 17 Jun 2013, 07:02 by Dean Fostekew
Yesterday at the Good Shepherd, Murrayfield we kept the day honouring St.Joseph the spouse of Mary. As yesterday was Father's Day it seemed appropriate to keep Joseph's day as he is the patron saint of father's. I have never thought of Joseph as an old man, despite what artists might want to show us. I have always seen him as being relatively young and fit and as the Gospels suggest possibly the father of other children with Mary, after Jesus' birth. The view one has of Joseph probably depends on how one regards the virginity of Mary. Was she ever virgin as later Christian doctrine states or was she just a virgin when she conceived Jesus? For me the important fact is both Mary and Joseph said yes to God and to doing his will and that Joseph proved to be a good and loving earthly father to Jesus as well. As a step-parent myself I like the ikon of Joseph as a step-father loving a son not naturally his own. He's a good chap is Joseph and an inspiration to all of us called to a parental role.