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Good Friday & Easter Day

posted 3 Apr 2015, 03:12 by Dean Fostekew
As I write this, today is Good Friday. Good Friday is the day that we have to have in order to get to Easter Sunday and Christ's resurrection for if Jesus had not died we would not be celebrating his resurrection at all. These three days in the Christian Year are paradoxical, they almost don't seem to make sense. Why did Jesus have to die in order for God to prove his love for us and give us hope in Christ's resurrection? 

Jesus in his teaching, healing and ministry showed us a different way of being human but we chose not to listen to him and instead to turn away from him. God was offering us a way back to him through the teachings of Jesus however it would take Jesus' death for us to change our ways. We Christians believe that as Jesus died on the cross he paid the price of our sins, once and for all. In his death, God forgave us for our hard heartedness and in restoring Jesus to life, shows us the extent of the love he has not only for his Son but for us as well. In the resurrection we are given hope that our lives are not just limited to this time and place but that we will in some way rise again when Jesus returns to rule the world.

Today, Good Friday is all about Jesus' death for our sins and it enables us to look forward to Easter Sunday and to share the excitement of those first disciples when they saw again the teacher they loved and whose resurrection continues to change the world even today.

Come and worship with us today at 2pm when we focus of the Cross and at 10am on Sunday when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the amazing love of God.