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Happily marrried.

posted 3 Sep 2013, 08:19 by Dean Fostekew
This past Saturday I attended the marriage of Fr.Ian Paton and the Rev'd Carrie Applegarth in Old St.Paul's Church in the city and a wonderful event it was; the marriage took place within a Nuptial Eucharist. Back in May I attended the 'Blessing' upon a couple from the congregation following their civil partnership. The two ceremonies were almost identical and I suspect many people in that Church last Saturday could see the point of the Equal Marriage debate and legislation passing through our Parliament.This is legislation that our churches and individual congregations need to think and pray about and to ask themselves what is our response and should our churches change our laws to allow all couples who wish to marry in church? This is not an easy discussion for any congregation to have but it is one that will have to be addressed in the coming months.