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Harvest Thanksgiving

posted 25 Sep 2017, 03:55 by Dean Fostekew
Yesterday's Harvest Thanksgiving service was glorious. The choir and additional friends sung beautifully and with great gusto, the church was beautifully decorated and the liturgy gracefully led by by the Rev'd Hilary Naish with myself preaching. Harvest is a time to give thanks to God for the gifts we are given but also a time to stop and think about where our harvest comes from and who benefits the most from other people's labour. I hope my sermon did that part of which is below:

"Without produce from around the globe and the skills and labour of people from different countries and cultures our diets would be ‘same-y’ and boring and although harvests occur at different times in different places it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that at least once a year we stop, reflect and give thanks to God for all that the many harvest of the world give to us. And in that stopping and giving thanks we also need to remember give thanks for those who grew and produced the harvest for us in the first place and to work out if we have exploited them in any way. Did I pay a far price for what I ate? Did the farmer get well paid for her efforts?" 

Harvest is something we need to be thankful for and we need to pray that we never exploit those who enable that harvest to happen.