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It snowed today!

posted 11 Dec 2014, 05:43 by Dean Fostekew
As I write this piece the snow has stopped and the light has become so sharp, it feels as though one could cut oneself with it. Despite its inconveniences there is a brightness to snow that can lift one's spirits. If I am truthful, I love snow and the beauty of an unbroken drift across the land makes my heart sing. On the practical rather than romantic side I realise how awful snow can be to drivers, animals, farmers and anyone trying to walk about in it. When my parents were visiting from the deepest south of England one year in December my mother did not step outside the house for two weeks as she was terrified of falling and breaking something. I remember those fears when I first came north and encountered snow drifts taller than myself. Where I come from two inches of snow causes everything to stop.

Snow though does for me say something about the beauty of God's creation and the transiency of that beauty. Snow is with us for a short time, just as our earthly lives are short in comparison to the eternity of God - thus we have to make the most of the time we have and try to enjoy those moments of astonishing beauty when we encounter them.

Robert Weston's poem seems to sum this up:

The snow drifts down

Across the hill and dell, valley and upland,

Smooth as a blanket across the world,

Softly falling, falling,

Quietly, as a mother’s kiss

On the face of her sleeping child,

The snow drifts down, touches, settles

Lies on tree and shrub, on field and woodland,

Like a soft mantle,

Making all things new

So be my heart this day:

The pain of things done and injuries unmended,

The fears of things unseen and long dreaded,

The ache of failures and mistakes of times past,

The sudden angry passion and the bitter regret,

And strength ebbing away with the inexorable beat of time,

All forgotten, or restored to innocence,

Clothed in gentle purity,

The universal forgiveness which whispers to me,

“Behold I make all things new!”