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Nothing wasted

posted 30 Jul 2013, 08:10 by Dean Fostekew
Yesterday, I visited 'Hill of Tarvit' a Scottish National Trust property in Fife re-designed by Robert Lorimer in 1906; about the same time as the Church of the Good Shepherd was being built. When I walked into the grand hall, I was overwhelmed by the similarities to the sanctuary in the church. Most of the ceiling bosses, wood panelling and other wood carvings are similar to those in Murrayfield, I felt quite at home. I know that Lorimer used elements from the Good Shepherd in the Thistle Chapel and the National War Memorial in the Castle but after seeing Hill of Tarvit, I now realised he wasted nothing and also see how adaptable his designs are to wherever they are used. I quite like the concept that he recycled his ideas.