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Ordinary time

posted 23 May 2013, 01:51 by Dean Fostekew
With Pentecost behind us and Trinity Sunday approaching we are about to enter what is commonly known as 'Ordinary Time'. These are the 25 or so Sundays between now and the beginning of Advent, the green Sundays of the year. Green because that is the liturgical colour of this religious season. At the Church of the Good Shepherd in Murrayfield, we have a particularly beautiful 'green' altar frontal. I actually depicts a rural landscape and was worked by members of the congregation a few years ago. Whenever one gazes upon it one cannot fail be reminded of the beauty of God's creation.

I used to think that the 'green' Sundays dragged on and on until I saw them as thanksgivings for God's creation. Now I see them as opportunities to give thanks for our world and all who inhabit it and as an opportunity to stop and see the small things, that usually go unnoticed. Things such as the smile on a stranger'
s face as you pass them, the wave of a friend from the bus, or the dandelion struggling to survive in the most unusual of places. Ordinary time is made up of so many little things and small events; forgettable things but they are often things that can have a significance beyond our initial understanding. Give thanks for the little things for just as in the large events of life God is there too.