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Over coming fear!

posted 23 Feb 2015, 10:44 by Dean Fostekew
I changed my PC over the weekend for a mac! The whole idea terrified me as one who has come to computers rather than one who grew up with them. for 20 odd years I have used a pc and microsoft so changing over made me fearful that I might not get to grips with the new technology. Actually, my fears have been groundless and the transfer process was made so easy by some supportive young people in the Apple Store, folk who did not make me feel like a dinosaur but encouraged me to realise that I could understand the new system easily.

Why was I fearful? Well life is rather like that, and there are always the times that one dreads because they are unknown. I should have had a greater faith in myself and in the skills of those helping me to change over. God is rather like this, always there and ready to support us in our times of need if we can trust in him and in ourselves too. so often fear of the unknown is just a lack of confidence, for it is often the case that in a new situation one quickly adapts and copes without realising the support one has been given because it is unseen or undemanding of thanks and praise. 

This Lent try to stop and give thanks for all the things you receive help with. I most certainly am giving thanks to the folk in the Apple store.