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Sunny June

posted 2 Jun 2016, 04:40 by Dean Fostekew
What a difference a bit of sunshine makes. Everyone seems more relaxed and happy and we all seem to try and spend more time out of doors. It is on sunny days, as one sits and ponders the blue skies and fluffy white clouds that I give thanks to God for his wonderful Creation. This 'Blue Planet' that we inhabit is a wonderful and perhaps unique eco-system in the galaxy or Universe. Yet, I wonder when I read of the way in which we treat this planet that we actually realise this fact. If or until we actually colonise other planets, if that is ever to be possible, we need to take God's command to be good stewards of this planet to heart. All of us need to try and do our bit to caretake the wonders of creation that God has shared with us. We all need to realise that we each have a responsibility to leave this planet as we might wish to find it and we should always double think any action that might change it for the worse.
So as you enjoy these sunny June days, give thanks to God and pray that we will learn to care for our planet properly. If you are passing the Good Shepherd on Murrayfield Avenue, pop into the garden and enjoy that bit of God's acre in this city. It's beauty will lift your spirits.