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That's it been and gone!

posted 1 Sep 2015, 08:05 by Dean Fostekew
The Festival has ended for another year and today really seems like the beginning of autumn. Many people made their way to the Church of the Good Shepherd and the Garden of Contemplation during the past month and it was a joy to meet some of these people as they prayed their way around the stations in the garden.

As the year seems to be slipping away quite quickly I am reminded of the phrase 'a twinkling in the eye of God'. We human beings have not been around for all that long but God is timeless and although we may think time moves quickly in comparison to God it hardly moves at all. 

The 1st September does, though, feel like a big step forward. The summer is ended and the trees will soon start to change colour and lose their leaves. The cycle of life is exciting but it doesn't stop me realising that I am getting older and that I have less cycles to live through than I have already lived. I do not find this depressing, far from it. In fact it spurs me on to live life to the full and to try and do those things I would like to do rather than waiting. We are after all no more than a mere twinkling in the course of time. 

There is a good prayer, often used in funerals that asks: 'Grant us, Lord the wisdom and the grace to use aright the time that is left to us here on earth' .. it is a prayer of encouragement  as it helps us to focus our thoughts and to seek to put right the things we need to repair and to try and 'live life to the max' in the love of God. Good advice methinks.