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Transfiguration & Transformation

posted 26 Feb 2013, 07:37 by Dean Fostekew
The Gospel reading for this past Sunday (Lent 2) was Luke 9:28b-36 whichh spoke about the transfiguration of Christ on the mountain. The time when he was seen by Peter, James and John in conversation with Moses and Elijah - the law giver and the prophet of prophets. At this point in his ministry it became apparent to those three disciples that Jesus was God's chosen one, the full embodiment of God's law and the prophesies about the Messiah. It was a point of transformation for Jesus and the disciples. At the Good Shepherd we are in a process of transformation as we seek to discern what our priorities are by trying to listen to God's still, small voice. What are we called to be and do in Murrayfield, our local community; what are we called to be and become as a community of Christians in Edinburgh and how can we share in God's transformation of the world too? All big questions but with signs of new life in our gardens we can be encouraged in the idea that from little things big things can grow.