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What is the Trinity?

posted 25 May 2016, 05:51 by Dean Fostekew

For a start that is a good question. 

The Trinity, as I have come to experience and understand it over the years, is one being that expresses itself in three very different ways. As the Creator and loving parent; as our loving human brother (Jesus) and as a power for change and good which is fuelled by love (the Holy Spirit). The Trinity, is I perceive it is best expressed as 'love'. A love that would and could do anything for all of us and all of creation to try and ensure that all we do is inspired and driven by love.

Confused? Well, you are in good company for as Christians have been discussing and disagreeing about who and what the Holy Trinity is for centuries and we have not stopped yet and I suspect it will be a debate that rages throughout eternity. That, however, is one of the joys of theology because there is always more to discover and learn about God. For God is the one being we can never fully come to know, simply because we are not God. 

Why not just enjoy the confusion and the arguments for somewhere within it all, you will get a glimpse of what and who God really is, even if only for a fleeting moment.