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What should the church be?

posted 7 Oct 2014, 04:44 by Dean Fostekew
I was at the overnight meeting of the Diocesan Mission and Ministry Committee recently and the quote below was mentioned. I found it exciting and challenging:

·        [I]t is about getting away from a view of the Church that is very seductive and very damaging – and very popular. This is the view that the Church is essentially a lot of people who have something in common called Christian faith and get together to share it with each other and communicate it to other people ‘outside’. It looks a harmless enough view at first, but it is a good way from what the New Testament encourages us to think about the Church – which is that the Church is first of all a kind of space cleared by God through Jesus in which people may become what God made them to be (God’s sons and daughters), and that what we have to do about the Church is not first to organise it as a society but to inhabit it as a climate or a landscape. It is a place where we can see properly – God, God’s creation, ourselves. It is a place or dimension in the universe that is in some way growing towards being the universe itself in restored relation to God. It is a place we are invited to enter, the place occupied by Christ, who is himself the climate and atmosphere of a renewed universe.” 

                   Rowan Williams the Christian priest Today 2004

      For me it speaks of a church that is open to change and a church that seeks to offer sacred space for all to become what God is calling them to be. This is the challenge we at the Church of the Good Shepherd try to engage with daily and I hope we do go some way to rising to that challenge.