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What's left behind?

posted 5 Nov 2016, 07:22 by Dean Fostekew

November, is the month when our thoughts naturally turn towards remembrance and the contemplation of our own mortality. Thinking deeply over the questions of what is life all about and what we as individuals may or may not have achieved seem to go hand in hand with this darkening time of the year. These are, however, questions that humanity has asked itself for millennia. In fact, I suspect, that the first sentient human being asked similar questions of his or her life way back in that point of evolution.  

Job was certainly wondering what sort of legacy he might leave behind when he asks that his words be inspired on a rock. Job is seeking some sort of permanence, hoping that something of himself, his thoughts and his beliefs might live on and remain after his death.  Rock engraving is pretty permanent but not totally. It too will weather away and leave no trace of the original scoring. I suppose that the 21st century equivalent would be leaving images and words on the ‘cloud’ or other electrons formats but even then technology will change and render those storage devices obsolete and unreadable.

Should we, though, really worry about leaving anything of ourselves behind?

November is a good month to reflect and pray about this and to remember that what is left behind in the hearts and memories of others is what they choose to remember not what we want them to remember. So perhaps our aim in life should be to create happy memories that our loved ones will cherish.