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What's underneath?

posted 29 Aug 2012, 06:45 by Dean Fostekew
Last week a new boiler was put into the Rectory; the old one was 30 years old and on its last legs with parts no longer available. It has cost the congregation about £4000 with the making good etc but it should save us money over the long term as it is super efficient and very 'green'. If anyone wants to contribute to the costs then all donations are gratefully received.

When the floorboards were up I was struck by the phrase 'what you see is not necessarily what you get'. Once the carpet was lifted and the floorboards taken up the image of the Rectory was very different to what is usually seen. It can sometimes be like this with people and situations. When you strip away the outer layers of something or someone you get a different picture of them. The 'hidden' image can sometimes be very different to the seen image and can be challenging and thought provoking.

Jesus, though does not seem to have a hidden face. He was open and constant like the love of God, always the same and always there for us, regardless of who we are or what we do. That makes you think.