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What's your treasure?

posted 8 Aug 2016, 00:45 by Dean Fostekew
Yesterday's Gospel reading challenged us to reflect on what it is that we think of as our treasure. Below is part of the commentary sermon I gave on the readings to the Good Shepherd congregation:

Luke 12: 32-40

What is your treasure? What or who are the things or people you value the most and why?

When the 3rd Century saint and martyr Laurence (whose feast day is the 10th of this month) was asked by the persecuting Roman authorities for the treasures of the Church, he produced the poor and needy saying that they were the Church’s treasures beyond measure.

St.Luke in this passage is echoing Christ’s words and by doing so is encouraging us to see treasure not in material things but in people and in God and I also think that includes memories, friendships and love.

As a child I used to sing a hymn which included the words; ‘Daisies are our silver, buttercups our gold, this is all the treasure we can have or hold’ the hymn continues in a similar vein and it encourages the singer to see wealth not in material things but in passing moments and fleeting experiences. Life-giving, transitory things that make us smile rather than make us wealthy.

Treasure is St.Luke says never about wealth but about the small things, those almost unseen acts of love and kindness - a smile, a touch, a raindrop on a leaf, the skidding clouds on a sunny day and even the Scottish monsoon.

Material treasure can make us comfortable but it is the non-material things such as  love and friendship which are actually beyond price.

What is your treasure?

Ponder this over this coming week and give thanks to God for those things that make your heart sing and that you can truly see as your treasures.