What a strange week! Daily Prayer can help.

I don't think many of us would have expected the changes to our daily lives that this past seven days has brought. It is a very strange time and a time in which we will need to establish new daily routines in all we do. St. Benedict talks much about having stability in one's life in his Rule. His wisdom is as true today as it was in the seventh century. Doing familiar things daily can bring us comfort, confidence and support. During the week I am still dressing in my usual black with a dog-collar event if it is to sit at the computer or make telephone calls. It is for for me something I always do and it is an important point of stability in this changed environment.  

Although we cannot meet for public worship each day we can still pray together from our homes. I am reminded of words from the hymn; 'The day thou gavest Lord is ended' where it author John Ellerton (1862-1893) says:

"As o'er each continent and island the dawns leads on another day, the voice of prayer is never silent, nor dies the strain of praise away."

The voice of prayer is 24/7 and we can join it at anytime and be assured that we are not praying alone, even if we maybe on our own at home when we do pray. I have found the Daily Office - Morning (Matins) and Evening (Evensong) Prayer a great comfort this week. It is something I pray daily but this week it has had a greater corporate sense - knowing that others around the country and the world are doing something similar. 

If you have a prayer book at home, you'll find matins and evensong in it. You will also find resources on this website - look under ministry and resources. Whatever form of daily prayer works for you, know that it is not something you are doing on your own but an act of continuous prayer to which you are adding your voice for a while.