April 2020

Alice's art blog for the Tridium

Easter in Isolation

09 April 2020

With most people in the UK spending Easter indoors due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Alice Strang, Senior Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, leads us from the Last Supper to the Resurrection by way of works in the National Galleries of Scotland’s collection.

Holy Week is the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday. During it, Christians remember the events in Jesus’s life, from his triumphant arrival in Jerusalem to his Crucifixion and laying in a tomb. Easter Sunday marks his Resurrection from the dead. Art history is rich in examples of artists...

Thoughts for Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday 9th April 2020 Year A

I always find this evening’s readings a bit of a challenge. I am never quite sure how they hold together. Firstly, we have the account of the first Passover  as recorded in the Book of Exodus - an account I find harsh if not cruel. Yes, God gives his chosen a way out - avoiding his wroth to be unleashed on the Egyptians but the killing of the first born males of these not chosen, I find to be ghastly. That might have something to do with being a ‘first born male’!

I know why...

Reading St.Benedict's Rule

Today, (4th April) I read chapter 53 'The reception of guests'. Although in this time of pandemic we are unable to welcome guests to our homes or our churches, I was struck by the commentary given on this chapter by the Benedictine author Richard Frost. He asks us to imagine: treating very visitor to your home as if they were Christ; treating everyone in your workplace as if they were Christ; and welcoming every visitor to your church as if they were Christ. He goes on to quote the Benedictine scholar Esther de Waal who wrote: "Did we see Christ in...