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Our Congregation
Our Congregation
Sunday Morning Congregation
Sunday Morning Congregation
Two members chatting over coffee
Chatting over Coffee
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The Church of the Good Shepherd has served the people of Murrayfield, Roseburn, Craigleith, Ravelston and Saughtonhall for the past 120 years. We offer a place of sanctuary where faith and doubt can both be expressed, questions asked and answers sought and where worship is offered which is liturgical, dignified and stimulating. In our openness we try to genuinely welcome all who care to join us on the journey as we reach out into the community.

We welcome all to join us in our daily life and worship, our social activities and our spiritual and theological exploration. Do not feel that you have to sign up to anything, or to believe specific things in order to take part. Just come along and ‘be with us’ as we try to discern what it is that God is calling us as a community, congregation and as individuals to ‘be and become’.

Our Mission Statement

We the people of the Church of the Good Shepherd seek to be a congregation that is open to the challenges of expressing our faith in today's society through prayer and action.

In this we seek to:

  • be non judgemental in welcoming God's people into fellowship, as we journey through life together.
  • be open to exploring ideas other than our own
  • be aware and responsive to the needs of others beyond the walls of our church as well as the needs of those within
  • offer worship that inspires, challenges and delights the soul
  • be continually discerning of what God is calling us 'to be and to become'

The Good Shepherd congregation is a gathering of pilgrims and disciples discerning the way forward in the light of Christ. We are a church 'on the Way'.