July 2021

A reflection for Sunday 1st August 2021 by Canon Dean Fostekew

Cooking is one of my passions. One of my weaknesses, though, is buying cookery books.  A while ago now, (pre-Covid) I found in a local charity shop four of Claire MacDonald’s paperbacks, in mint condition. I spent part of the rest of that day with my nose stuck in the books. One bit in particular struck me later as, being rather apt in relation to today’s Gospel reading. It is not as recipe but an introduction to a recipe for ‘Black olive, sun-dried tomato and garlic bread’:

“I made this recipe first in the summer of 1992, making it up as...

A reflection for Sunday 25th July 2021 (St.James-the-Great) by Canon Dean Fostekew

Today is the feast of St.James the apostle, one of Jesus’ 12 disciples but beyond that what do we know of him and why are we keeping his feast day today?

James is often known as ‘The Great’ to distinguish him from the other disciple also called James (the son of Alphaeus Matt 10:3 often referred to as James-the-Less whose feast day is the 1st May). He was a Galilean fisherman, who with his brother John was called by Jesus to ‘follow him’:

“As he walked by the Sea of Galilee … he saw two other brothers, James son...

Reflection for Sunday 18th July 2021 by the Rev'd Russell Duncan

Jesus had compassion for them.

However exciting and exhilarating large crowds may be, most of us will not choose to be there for extended periods. I have happy memories of the annual fireworks on Princes Street marking the end of the Edinburgh International Festival or being in London for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Less so being on a crowded train which has broken down or going through security at a busy international airport. You will have your own.

Today’s gospel from Mark is full of action. People are returning, gathering, telling, hurrying and arriving. They are also crossing, rushing...

Reflection for Sunday 11th July 2021 by the Rev'd David Warnes

Trinity 6. Proper 10. Year B 2021

What to make of today’s Gospel – the sensational, gruesome story of the beheading of John the Baptist?

It’s a story about the wrong kind of celebration. A birthday banquet, an invitation-only occasion at which Herod is entertaining family, friends and members of the local elite. A lavish affair, and a very exclusive one. The Herod referred to isn’t the Herod who questioned the Wise Men and ordered the Massacre of the Innocents, but one of his sons, Herod Antipas. There was clearly some good in him. We are told that he feared...

Reflection for Sunday 4th July 2021 by Canon Dean Fostekew

“Look into the eyes of another human being and you glimpse God.” Ezekiel 2

“Is this not the carpenter, the son of Mary and brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon and are not his sisters with us?” Mark 6:3

There is a person, with whom I am acquainted who is not easy to converse with at times as they can come across as somewhat different. This person, loves the Lord with a passion and yet belongs to no congregation. Sometimes in conversation they can come out with the most profound and thoughtful comments. So profound that they...