March 2020


Following advice sent down from the College of Bishops all services in Church are forthwith suspended. While this is distressing for many we can still worship in spirit together and Dean is sending all members if the congregation prayer resources to use at home on Sundays and Feast days - including Holy Week and Easter. 

Please pray for each other and for your local communities. 

Covid19 Information

Please see the Diocesan and Provincial websites (google Diocese of Edinburgh or Scottish Episcopal Church) for information on the measures the Church is taking in relation to the Corona Virus. 

Holy Communion and the Corona Virus

Following advice sent down from the College of Bishops, the sharing of the chalice (the common cup) is suspended until further notice. The physical sharing of the peace is also suspended. Both these measures are an attempt to protect each other and to put minds at ease. Those who wish are still able to make their Holy Communion by receiving the bread.