All Saints and All Souls

The beginning of November sees the annual celebration and thanksgiving for all the saints and the commemoration of our loved ones departed. Saints are both those women and men declared by the wider church to be 'saints' and those known to us who have been 'saints' in our lives by their words, love and actions. There is also a poignancy to remembering our departed as for many of us there are more to remember than the year before. None of us live for ever and as we grow older so do our loved ones. One day it will be us who are remembered but until then it is right that we remember with love those who have meant much to us and ask that they may continue to rest in peace in the presence of God.

Saturday 2nd November 10am Requiem Eucharist of commemoration of the departed

Sunday 3rd November 10am Sung Eucharist of thanksgiving for all the saints and the remembrance of loved ones departed. 

All welcome.

If you would like someone you love to be remembered by name please add them to the Requiem List at the back of Church before the services.