Autumn events coming up

The season of Autumn has begun and already the leaves are beginning to turn and drop from the trees. Gardeners have begun planting Spring bulbs and tidying back the dead bits from Summer displays and the days are shortening. From here on in, we know that daylight will become a premium until the Winter solstice in December, just before Christmas, when we can begin to look forward to the longer days of Spring and Summer. The year is moving on.

Nature may be getting ready for Winter but life in Murrayfield continues with a renewed vigour following the Summer break. The Faith Discussion Group is meeting every Monday, plans are being made for joint worship later this month and new members are welcomed into the Murrayfield Club. Worship continues every Sunday and Wednesday with special services for Harvest coming up very soon. There is a lot to give thanks for in this season of Creation-tide and Harvest.  

Sunday 29th September 'Michaelmas' will see the three congregations in Murrayfield Churches Together joining for worship at 1030am in the Parish Church, when we will celebrate and give thanks for the activities we do together.

Sunday 6th October will see the Good Shepherd give thanks for the Harvest and all good things that God gives to us. On that day all foodstuffs given and a retiring collection will be given to our local food bank. 

Come and join us.