Greetings from the MCT Christian Aid Committee - how to donate!

Submitted by Dean on Sat, 09/05/2020 - 13:14

Christian Aid Week: May 10th – 16th 2020

Christian Aid week is not going ahead in its usual form this year.  The corona virus pandemic is BOTH preventing us from doing our usual fundraising AND greatly increasing the needs of the people in the poorest countries of the world for all the services provided by Christian Aid.

Your donations and support over the years have been greatly appreciated – Murrayfield Churches Together (MCT) has regularly given over £6,000 from the House-to-House collection, Joint MCT Service and Lunch.  Over the years these donations have enabled Christian Aid to work with their partner organisations in numerous developing countries to improve the lives of the globally most disadvantaged people.

The Christian Aid website states: ‘As this virus spreads across the world, love rises up in response.  You’ve already shown incredible kindness to your neighbours.   Now is the time to reach out to your neighbours both near and far.

Your love protects.  From storms, from drought, and now from coronavirus.  Your love protects our global neighbours battling the spread of this illness.  Your love protects.  With soap, clean water and medical supplies.

By supporting us this Christian Aid Week, you can reach out and protect more of your neighbours today.’

There are several ways you can donate to support the work of Christian Aid.

1    Online. Go to or click on the link below

2    By telephone:  Call 020 7523 2269

3    By text:  Text GIVE to 70040 to donate £5

4    By post:  Send a cheque (made payable to Christian Aid) to:  Christian Aid, 35 Lower Marsh, LONDON SE1 7RL.   Include your name, address, Post Code, and whether you would like to include Gift Aid.  Please note that cheques will take longer to process than usual because of changes to working arrangements caused by the corona virus lockdown.

The Murrayfield Churches Together Christian Aid committee are very grateful for all your support over the years, and hope that you will be happy to donate this year in a different way.  We also hope you will be happy to spread the word around to friends and people who have previously supported Christian Aid.  Please feel free to forward this email.


MCT Committee:  Liz Sudlow, Anne Ostrowski, Marjorie Guthrie, Christina Webster, Norma MacDonald, Lesley Webster, Judith Scott