The Mission 21 Hymn

This was written for the Mission 21 campaign by Jean Holloway the wife of Bishop Richard Holloway, our former Diocesan Bishop and Primus. I still think the sentiment it expresses is something for the church to uphold and practice. It is also a good challenge to us in this coming season of Pentecost.


Mission 21 Hymn

We have a vision of the church to share,

One to inspire God’s people everywhere;

Open to all, and no one turned away,

All those who enter here will wish to stay.

Here we embrace all people, young and old,

Welcoming those who come into our fold;

Holding the weak, encouraging the strong,

Each person valued, feeling they belong.


Gone is the fear of prejudice and hate,

We seek to cherish, not humiliate;

Here we can own the failures that we know,

Firm in the faith that we can change and grow.


Humbly we celebrate the good we do,

Working as one towards making all things new;

Using our talents, drawing on our skill,

Grateful for such a vision to fulfil.


Building upon our past that we hold dear,

Knowing tomorrow’s task is still unclear;

Each step we take will help us on our way,

One step will be sufficient for today.


Fired with the Spirit, filled with life and light,

Ours is a Church to challenge and excite;

Mission sustained by love and faith and prayer,

Extends God’s love to people everywhere.


Jean E Holloway