October/November Magazine

October & November Magazine


From the Rector’s Desk

Thank you to James B

For many years James has compiled and edited our magazine. At the beginning of September James decided to ‘retire’ from that post. James, we owe you many thanks for all that you have done in putting together our monthly magazine. It has been and is very much appreciated by all of us. James has been nominated by the Vestry for the Bishop’s St. Cuthbert Award, for his service to the congregation.


The Magazine Editor

I am delighted that Jane S, our Vestry Secretary, has taken the role of Editor on. Please email Jane articles for the magazine (or me)For the foreseeable future the magazine will be published every two months, the weekly pew sheet can be used to advertise events and notices as well, again please let Dean know if you wish anything to be included on the pew sheets.


Treasurers old and new!

We have been very fortunate over the last years to have Graeme T was our Treasurer. From the 30th September Game has retired from this role. In recognition of his service and his continual support in financial matters the Vestry have nominated him for the Bishop’s St. Cuthbert Award. Valerie C has volunteered to take the role with May L assisting her.  I am most grateful to them both.


Friends of the Cathedral - Diamond Jubilee

The Congregation has congregational membership of the Friends of the Cathedral and as such anyone form the Good Shepherd is welcome to attend Friends events. You are invited to a celebratory Evensong at 3.30pm on Sunday 27th October at the Cathedral followed by a drinks reception to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the founding of the Friends.



Our annual thanksgiving for the Harvest takes place this year on Sunday 6th October. We will be decorating the church at 10am on Saturday 5th and all are welcome to come along and help. There will be a retiring collection on Sunday 6th in aid of the Food Bank at St. Salvador’s Church, this is a very useful gift as it enables the food bank to purchase what it needs. Any tins and dried goods will be given to St. Salvador’s. Thank you.


All Souls Requiem List

The list should be out at the back of the church for you to write the names of loved ones departed that you would like to be remembered at the service of All Souls on Saturday 2nd November and Sunday 3rd.


Sheep gathering

The group supporting the Mothers’ Union meets on Monday 4th November at 11am when Dean will lead a discussion and practice of Lectio Divina - a prayerful and quiet approach to Bible Study.


Remembrance Sunday 10th November

There will of course be an added poignancy to this year’s Remembrance Service as we will commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the outbreak of WWII. If you have anyone particular you would like remembered at that service please put their name/s on the list at the back of the church.


Good Shepherd Lecture

11am Saturday 15th November when Simon G a local architectural historian will talk about Edinburgh’s lost buildings. Look out for more information.


The Epistle to the Flock

October and November, the Autumnal months of the year. By the time the next edition of the magazine comes out we will be looking towards Christmas and 2020. For now, however, we can enjoy the colours of nature; give thanks for the harvest of good things we receive from God; pledge ourselves to care better for our planet and recall and remember all those who have gone before us.

In my head I see October as the months of reds, yellows and brown as the leaves turn from green and eventually drop from the trees. The American name ‘Fall’ for this season is very apt and descriptive.  November, though is a purple month, a month of ‘remembrance’ a time when our minds turn to thinking of loved ones departed and those who have died in conflict over the last century or more. Both months are very poignant as they imply change and transition in different ways. Both being associated with death and the hope of re-birth in Springtime and at the Day of Resurrection.

As the leaves fade and die on the tress, we know that new buds will be forming over the dark Winter months to sprout again in the warmer Spring months and will bring back the green colour of creation. As we remember those who have died, we give thanks for their lives and sacrifices in the hope that all will rise again one day in the presence of Christ. These two months are full of beauty, tears and pain but they also point towards the future and new life springing once again. For me the light of Easter is always shining into the darkening Autumn days.


Now comes the darkening of the days,

when light is weak and shaded

but know the flame has not gone out

its glow is often aided;

by prayer and thought of loved ones past

whose memory is not faded.

They live among us, as does Christ

who comes with power un-jaded

to lengthen out the days with hope

and light that’s never shaded.


Yours aye


From the Rectory Cat Basket

What a trial I have had to face over the Summer months. I have had terrible digestive problems and have existed on nothing but boiled chicken breasts for weeks. It has been discovered that I have an intolerance to some forms of protein and probably gluten as well. I knew that dried kibble the Dog-Collar tried to feed me before was no good. Yes, I know that Archie gobbles it up like a thing possessed but his breeding and constitution are nowhere near refined as mine. I have a delicate constitution and need only to dine on the finest plumb chicken breasts and don’t try giving me leg because I shall reject it, in fear that its grey colour will do me harm. (Madam may be fussy in some things but she is a terrible scavenger, often found with her head in something waiting to be washed up! It is this habit which is causing the problems. Will she listen? Ed.)

I am now being weaned onto a very superior form of dried food; it comes via the delivery people from something called ‘The internet’. It all sounds very intriguing and all I can say is thank you, for the ‘Internet’ has brought me a great delight which I relish and it does so make a change from rather bland chicken. Archie says he quite likes the new food too but prefers the chicken or to be frank anything that ends up in his bowl. I found him dragging a lamb leg bone out of the food recycling box recently. I had to help him carry it to our basket but really, the shame of it. I just hope no one saw us. (They did! Ed.)

I now have a great sympathy with those, like me, who have an intolerance or allergy to various food stuffs and have become quite vocal (No change there! Ed.) in my support for them. When the Dog-Collars granddaughters were here in August, we were avoiding gluten and the usual dairy for the Dog-Collar. It is amazing how tasty a lemon drizzle cake can be even when it contains almost nothing. I am looking forward to a good progression in my dietary health in the coming weeks and I do hope that I will get some variety in my foodstuffs, a little bit of chicken, salmon or haddock is always welcomed. Please note Dog-Collar!

With kind regards

Lady Grace, H.S.H. Grace Fortescue de Monceaux Grand Duchess of Milgil


Treasurer’s News

After many years of service as Treasurer, Graeme T, is retiring. We are very grateful for his careful stewardship of our finances and his wisdom in all our financial decisions. This is crucial job that Graeme has given selflessly of his time and expertise to accomplish. We are fortunate that Graeme has agreed to continue as a member of the Finance Committee allowing us to continue to benefit from his professional and practical experience.

Val C has agreed to take over as Treasurer and May L has agreed to be her assistant. We are grateful to them both and welcome them to their new roles.


Organ repairs

During August and September, Stages 1 and 2 of the organ repairs have been completed by our organ builders. Stage 4 and Stage 3 will take place next year. Watch this space for details. A replacement for the electronic piano which has been used to cover service when the organ has been out of commission will be purchased soon.


Faith in Older People – One Step at a Time

The organisation “Faith in Older People” have produced a resource called one-step-at-a-time to help faith communities provide a supportive environment for people with dementia and their families and I recently attended a day conference on this subject. 

At this conference it was great to hear accounts of churches around Scotland who are providing support in different ways from simple adaptions to the church building and clearer signs to singing groups and dementia friendly worship services.   Our own Murrayfield club was mentioned as an example and Dean spoke about the importance of individual visiting to keep us in touch with folk who are unable to come to church.  Personally, I am very much learning on the job as I lead a monthly service at Murrayside care home.  

Most of all we remember that a person with dementia is first and foremost a person.  A person who may have lots to teach us, who may have lots of creativity and lots of capacity for spiritual fulfilment and relationship.   We know that people can and do change with dementia and sometimes the person we know becomes a bit lost to us.  But the person is never lost to God.  I love the words from Colossians 3v3 in this regard: “your life is hidden with Christ in God”.       

There are a number of helpful resources available on the internet to help us understand more about the different types of dementia and to learn how best to be supportive.  I can provide printed copies of resources if this would be helpful – please just ask.  www.faithinolderpeople.org.uk & www.alzscot.org  

Caroline L


ECO – Congregation News

Climate Change

The signs and impacts of global heating are speeding up according to the latest science on climate change, published ahead of key UN talks to be held on 23rd September 2019.  The data, compiled by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), says the five-year period from 2014 to 2019 is the warmest on record.  Sea-level rise has accelerated significantly over the same period, as CO2 emissions have hit new highs.  Global temperatures have risen by 1.1 degrees C since 1850 and have gone up by 0.2C between 2011 and 2015.  This is as a result of burgeoning emissions of carbon, with the amount of the gas going into the atmosphere between 2015 and 2019 growing by 20% compared with the previous five years.  Sea-level rise has accelerated and an abrupt decline in the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets will exacerbate future rise.  The study underlines the fact that wherever you look on the planet right now, the story is the same: human-induced warming is impacting the scale and intensity of extreme weather events such as heatwaves and wildfires. 

Top scientists are saying that “we should listen to the loud cry coming from school children. There is an emergency - one for action in both rapidly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions towards zero and adapting to the inevitable changes in climate.” In response to the global climate emergency the global youth-led movement has been striking to demand greater action on climate breakdown. 

On September 20th a climate strike took place across the world with strikes and marches in cities all over the UK including Edinburgh.  

Members of the Church of the Good Shepherd joined the Edinburgh strike, since this is a moment of great urgency and responding to the call of the youth-led movement is one way that we can all live out our faith that demands us to act justly, walk humbly and call for the protection of creation and the world’s resources.           

Phil S


MCT Faith Discussion Group

The Faith Discussion Group considers different topics to do with faith to try better to understand what faith is and how it affects us both as individuals and as a community. All are welcome to our meetings, including doubters and sceptics. Meetings will be on Tuesday evenings, from 8th October to 26th November 2019 at 7.30 in the Upper Room at Saughtonhall URC.

Last session the group became a book club and spent eight weeks reading through half of the New Testament. This autumn, we will read the rest of it. The Community Bible Experience has taken the New International translation of the bible and re-ordered and reformatted it. Since this version also has no chapter or verse numbers, it reads like a normal book. So, having read Luke, Acts, and the Pauline letters, we move on to Matthew’s gospel and the rest of the New Testament books.

Reading the Bible, a whole book at a time has proved to be an enlightening experience, even for regular bible readers. It is not necessary to have been with us for the first half to join for the second half. Or, if you can't make it on a Tuesday evening, why not travel with us and just follow the readings at home? We can obtain copies of this edition of the New Testament for you at £5; just let us know. So, if you have always meant to work your way through the New Testament now is your chance. We read around 30 pages per week.

The weekly programme before Advent is:

8th October             Matthew 1-16:12 (Please read this before coming on the 8th)

15th October            Matthew 16:13-28

22nd October           Hebrews, James 1-2

29th October            James 3-5, Mark

5th November          1&2 Peter, Jude, Gospel of John 1-3

12th November        Gospel of John 4-21

19th November        Epistles 1-3 of John, Revelation 1-11

26th November        Revelation 12-22

Jim P


2019 Group Events

Sunday 6th October 2019 at 3pm – Chopin, Cello & Champagne

We are delighted to announce a return visit by international concert pianist Ancuta Nite who will be joined by her cellist husband Quintin Doyle at Kate and David D’s house.

The afternoon will begin with a sparkling wine reception beginning at 3pm, followed by a programme of music.  After the Recital, we shall serve a selection of home-made canapes when there will be an opportunity to meet with Anca and Quintin.  This promises to be a special occasion, so wear something “dressy” if you like.  As the piano is upstairs, there is short flight of stairs to climb, but there will be seating for everyone.

Admission by ticket only which are available from Kate D.  There is no charge, but donations are welcome to cover costs and raise funds.  Suggested donation of £15.  Proceeds will be divided between Hospices of Hope and The Church of the Good Shepherd Organ Fund.  There will be a sign-up list at the back of the Church. 


Sunday 16th November 2019 at 11am – Church of the Good Shepherd

Talk by Simon Green “The Lost Buildings of Edinburgh”

Simon Green, Project Manager at Historic Environment Scotland will give a talk on “The Lost Buildings of Edinburgh”, looking at what we have lost and also what was proposed and never built. 

Admission by ticket only. There is no charge, but donations are welcome to help cover costs and raise funds.  Suggested donation £6 which includes a glass of wine and canapes, so please bring along your friends. 



Tuesday 1st

2pm         The Afternoon Service followed by Afternoon Tea

4.15pm    MCT Committee at the Dove

Wednesday 2nd

10am       Holy Communion

Saturday 5th

10am       Decorating the Church for Harvest

Sunday 6th

10am       Sung Eucharist - Harvest Festival

Preacher: Russell D (ordinand)

Deuteronomy 26:1-11; revelation 14:14-18; John 6:25-35

2pm         Fund-raising concert at the home of Kate & Danny Doyle

Wednesday 9th

10am       Holy Communion

Sunday 13th Trinity XVII

10am       Sung Eucharist - Celebrant & Preacher:  Rev’d David W

2Kings 5:1-3, 7-15b; 2Timothy 2:8-15; Luke 17:11-19

Wednesday 16th

NO   10am       Holy Communion

Sunday 20th Trinity XVIII

10am       Sung Eucharist - Celebrant & Preacher:  Rev’d David W

Genesis 32:22-31; 2Timothy 3:14-4:5; Luke 18:1-8

Wednesday 23rd

10am               Holy Communion

Thursday 24th

Diocesan Synod at Ps&Gs

Sunday 27th Bible Sunday Trinity XIX

10am       Sung Eucharist - Preacher: Dean

Isaiah 45:22-25; Romans 15:1-6; Luke 4:16-24

2pm         Friends of the Cathedral Diamond Jubilee celebrations at the Cathedral, all invited.

4.30pm    Evensong at Murrayfield House

Wednesday 30th

10am       Holy Communion




Saturday 2nd

10am       All Souls Requiem

Sunday 3rd

10am       Sung Eucharist for All Saints & All Souls

Preacher: Caroline L

Wisdom 3:1-9; Revelation 21:1-6a; John 11:32-44

Monday 4th

11am       ‘Sheep Gathering’ see posters

Wednesday 6th

10am       Holy Communion

Sunday 10th November REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY

10am       Sung Eucharist and Commemoration at 11am

Preacher: Dean

Micah 4:1-8; Revelation 21:1-6a; Luke 1:68-79

Tuesday 12th

2pm         The Afternoon Service & Afternoon Tea

Wednesday 13th

10am       Holy Communion

Thursday 14th

10am       Murrayfield Club Trustees Meeting

Saturday 16th

11am       Good Shepherd Lecture: Simon Green (architectural historian) will talk about

                   the Lost Buildings for Edinburgh

Sunday 17th 2nd Sunday before Advent

10am       Sung Eucharist

Preacher: Russell D (ordinand)

Malachi 4:1-2a; 2Thessalonians 3:6-13; Luke 21:5-19

Wednesday 20th

10am       Holy Communion

Thursday 21st

7.30pm    Vestry meeting at the Rectory

Sunday 24th Christ the King

10am       Sung Eucharist – Preacher Dean

Music to be chosen by Ian L in celebration of his Birthday

Jeremiah 23:1-6; Colossians 1:11-20; Luke 23:33-43

Wednesday 27th

10am       Holy Communion


The Church of The Good Shepherd has charitable status and is registered as

Scottish Charity No SC00357 in the Scottish Charity Register