Who teaches us the most?

Submitted by Dean on Tue, 09/06/2020 - 16:38

In my daily reading of the Rule of St.Benedict I was struck recently by the 'Eighth Step of Humility'. St.Benedict says:

"The eighth step of humility is that we do only what is endorsed by the common rule of the monastery and the example set by the prioress or abbot."            

'Life with St.Benedict   Richard Frost'

Frost in his commentary goes on to remind the reader that learning from others is an integral part of who we are as human beings. I was struck how true his words are. It is in deed from others that we learn so much about life and ourselves. Good examples of lives well lived and thoughtfully lived can inspire us to try and live similar lives and in doing so we will probably inspire others too. It is never the person who dictates to us how to behave or how to be that is the one that influences us the most. It is the one who lives their life with integrity and care for others that does that. 

Who have been the influences on your life?

Who taught you the most about your faith?

We will all have these special people, who probably never knew how much they had influenced us and helped us in shaping our lives and living our faith. When you recall them, give thanks to God for them.