October 2019

All Saints and All Souls

The beginning of November sees the annual celebration and thanksgiving for all the saints and the commemoration of our loved ones departed. Saints are both those women and men declared by the wider church to be 'saints' and those known to us who have been 'saints' in our lives by their words, love and actions. There is also a poignancy to remembering our departed as for many of us there are more to remember than the year before. None of us live for ever and as we grow older so do our loved ones. One day it will be us...

October/November Magazine

October & November Magazine


From the Rector’s Desk

Thank you to James B

For many years James has compiled and edited our magazine. At the beginning of September James decided to ‘retire’ from that post. James, we owe you many thanks for all that you have done in putting together our monthly magazine. It has been and is very much appreciated by all of us. James has been nominated by the Vestry for the Bishop’s St. Cuthbert Award, for his service to the congregation.


The Magazine Editor

I am delighted that Jane S, our Vestry Secretary, has taken...